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An overdue Melbourne Fringe wrap up

Melbourne Fringe finished over a month ago and I’ve only just recovered.
The Imperial went amazingly, and we all had a lot of fun. WTF Renaissance appeared at the festival managed venue the Lithuanian Club in North Melbourne, and ended up winning the People’s Choice Award.


Putting up the exhibition at the Lithuanian Club (photo via Adam Richard)
The Imperial looking all Fringe-y.
WTF Renaissance won the People’s Choice Award!

WTF Renaissance at Melbourne Fringe #Melbfringe

WTF Renaissance has its first Melbourne exhibition opening on September 18 as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. It will be at the Lithuanian Club in North Melbourne, and run all festival.

Details here!

wtf renaissance melbourne poster

Melbourne Fringe program is out hooray! #Melbfringe

So, the Melbourne Fringe Festival launch was last night, and we all had a great time, drank the free champagne and didn’t disgrace ourselves.

I’m producing a few shows this year, as well as doing the first ever WTF Renaissance Melbourne exhibition, and running the Imperial.

There are some new acts on my list this year. Here they are

Alice Fraser – Savage

Adam Richard – #FGT

Ryan Coffey – Beat

Geraldine Hickey – Winner!

3 Little Gigs

This will be the 6th lineup for 3 Little Gigs. This year I’ve got Alex Ward, Jonno Mastrippolito, and Kim Lisle.

Tickets are on sale now for all these shows. The WTF Renaissance exhibition is free, and will be showing at the Lithuanian Club in the bar. It’s funnier with booze. There will also be merchandise. I’m currently taking suggestions on what people would like in regards to merch. Tea towels and magnets seem to be the most popular so far. I’m excited about doing an exhibit in Melbourne for the first time!

I’m also in full venue dressing mode for Melbourne Fringe as well. This year, I’m going all out. Spring theme. It’s going to look BEAUTIFUL.


My under $50 monochrome picks from the ASOS sales rack.

This is the best time of year for Australians shopping the ASOS sales! UK summer stock is all marked down!

Here are my favourite monochrome picks for under $50.

AX Paris Wide Leg Bandeau Jumpsuit – $49.95


Motel Loe Bikini Set – $43.48


ASOS Leather Purse With Corner Fitting $19.77


Faith Geo Hexagon Across Body Bag $20.75


ASOS PANORAMA High Heels – $19.77


New Look Limehouse Black Sole Flatform Shoes $22.73


ASOS Panda Rain Mac $44.47


ASOS TALL T-Shirt Dress with Kimono Sleeves $20.75


Oh My Love Lace Smock Dress $24.71


ASOS Thick Strap Cami Top $13.85


Rhys Nicholson is a genius. JESSICA FLETCHER TOTE BAGS!!

My clever friend Rhys Nicholson is not only an amazing stand up comic, he also has my favourite Red Bubble shop. I like it more than I like my own Red Bubble Shop.

Rhys has just brought out a bunch of tote bags. I must have all of them. Here are three of my favourites. The Nanny, Jessica Fletcher and Liza Minnelli. Get ’em!

Follow Rhys on Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here.

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Don’t You Know Who I Am? with Josh Earl.

Comedian Josh Earl has a really excellent podcast called Don’t You Know Who I Am?. It’s super funny, he gets great guests, except this one time that I was on.

Listen to it, and then when it gets turned into something huge, you can say you were there near the start.


Melbourne Vintage and Op Shops – Footscray/Seddon/Yarraville edition

Hooray! Round two of my list of Melbourne Vintage and Op Shops. This one is for Footscray, Seddon and Yarraville. That’s a good walking trip if you train to Footscray, walk through Seddon to Yarraville and then train home again. Or walk back to Footscray and eat delicious Vietnamese food at Sapa Hills.

Anyway, the list!

Savers Footscray – Albert St, Footscray
This is the best one, and some people would save this until later in the list to get you to read on. NOT ME. I’m giving you the best first, and I have faith you’ll stick around. Like giving it up on a first date.

Savers Footscray is a magical wonderland full of both current and vintage clothes, a GREAT shoe selection, bric-a-brac, furniture, sporting goods and more. I’ve never been to an op shop in Melbourne that has the vintage clothing success hit rate of Savers Footscray. This one is HUGE, so leave plenty of time to really get into it.

Salvos Footscray – Barkley St, Footscray

This one is not nearly as big as the magical wonderland that is Savers, but it often has a great selection of very good quality furniture, and it has the great tag colour discount. Every day of the week they choose a different tag colour, and it’s 50% off anything with that colour tag! There’s a decent selection of homewares, in particular vintage glassware. As far as clothes go, work wear and a limited but good selection of vintage are the standouts.

heart_a12Hokey Pokey Vintage Emporium – Ballarat Road, Footscray.

Just check out their Facebook through the link below. If that doesn’t sell it to you, you never wanted it in the first place.


Diamond Dog Vintage – Charles St, Seddon.

Diamond Dog has been around for over 18 years, and is one of the best collections of pristine vintage clothing and accessories in Melbourne. Stock isn’t just bought for this shop, it’s a carefully curated collection. You will feel like a movie star, whether you want to or not.


Yarraville Bargain Centre, Anderson St, Yarraville.

One of those junkier type op shops, where there will be limited hits and plenty of misses. But, you might just find one of the bargains, as advertised.

St Paul’s Opportunity Shop, Sommerville Road, Yarraville.

Pretty much exactly as above. We couldn’t find a website for this one, just info on how to volunteer.

Green Collect, Anderson St, Yarraville.

These guys specialise in recycling items that a lot of op shops won’t take. Things like electronics etc. They also sell upcycled items.

Alright friends, that will do it for the minute. Add your own suggestions in the comments.  Happy shopping! Don’t forget to tell me what you bought.

Melbourne vintage and opshops – Coburg and Brunswick edition

Edit: this was going to be out of control long, so I’m dividing by suburb and posting separately. If I’ve missed some great ones, add them in the comments. Enjoy!

I do a lot of vintage and opshopping and am often asked for recommendations, so here is my big list of places I normally try and keep secret. There are also some on this list that were recommended to me on Twitter, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. Most of these are permanent shops, but there are a couple of regular warehouse sales as well.


Scavengers Warehouse – 56 Gaffney St, Coburg
Starting off with my favourite opshop in Melbourne, the Scavengers Warehouse. They have no website, so you know its good. They are only open Saturday and Sunday, and have almost exclusively clothes and accessories, with a very limited amount of homewares. Occasionally this place have $5 bags of assorted jewelery which are about a kilo worth each. It is SUPER cheap. 3 tops for $5, that kind of thing. Recently, I got a made in Melbourne grey woolen coat for $10 in perfect condition.

Right near the Batman Market, so go on a Sunday, get a Jaffle and make a day of it.

My favourite place in Melbourne

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Lost and Found Market – 550 Lygon St

This is a true vintage paradise. Carefully curated, there are clothes, homewares and all sorts of amazing bric a brac to be found. Not the cheapest place in the world, but if you’re looking for something special, this is the place. Open Saturday and Sunday. Check out their Instagram here.

Mid century solid timber desk $165. Stall 52. #lostandfoundmarket

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Vinnies Coburg – 260 Sydney Road

This Vinnies isn’t particularly big, but the cheapest stuff in there is the best. The good vintage stuff is usually cheaper than the new Kmart stuff. Great. I got a suede fringed jacket in there for $25. The staff are really nice as well.

Savers Sydney Road – 330 Sydney Road

Savers fans will all know that Brunswick doesn’t compare to Footscray, but there are still bargains to be found at the Sydney Road shop. Big dress selection, and some pretty interesting homewares.They usually have a pretty good vintage fur selection, but they aren’t cheap.  Check out their Facebook page here for updates on sales etc.
Brotherhood of St Laurence – 132 Barkley St Brunswick

This one has an AMAZING vintage section, but they know it, so unfortunately it’s a bit pricey. They also have a really incredible range of antique furniture, but that’s also pricey. Their less spectacular furniture is very reasonably priced. They do have this device operating which stops birds roosting in the roof. Unfortunately, it does that by emitting a high pitched whine. People over a certain age can’t hear it, so if you’re under 35 and people around you can’t appear to hear it, don’t worry you’re not losing your mind. It’s real, and you’re young and probably also beautiful.

Brunswick Salvos – 740 Sydney Road, Brunswick

This Salvos has a great mix of clothes, furniture, homewares, books and the occasional surfboard. They seem to have an above average ratio of art deco furniture, if that’s what you’re after. They also do their colour sales, so each day, items with a particular colour tag are 50% off.

This one has HEAPS of shoes. Heaps. Also parking available out the front, assuming noones popped in since the below photo was taken.

Retrostar Warehouse Sale – 33 Stewart St, Brunswick

This isn’t a regular sale, but if you hit up their Facebook page via the above link, they post the dates of the warehouse sales and it is WELL worth it.

Retrostar is a shop in the Melbourne CBD, but occasionally they go nuts and have a huge sale in their Brunswick warehouse. Prices are between $5 and $10 bucks. It is something special. Get their early, and be prepared to try stuff on in a big room with a bunch of people. From cut off denim jeans, to band tshirts and everything in between, the Retrostar Warehouse sales are great. Guys and girls stuff.

My Stuff = Your Stuff

This last one is Melbourne wide and Facebook based. In fact, it doesn’t even qualify for this list on any level, but it’s great. My Stuff = Your Stuff is a Facebook group where people can sell furniture, bric-a-brac etc. No clothes or shoes, but for furniture in particular, it’s excellent.

Sequinned clutch

I’m very slowly covering this clutch in beads and sequins. Lincraft have the best range of sequins, and they come in resealable tubes rather than crappy cellophane bags.

As is aparent, I’m making the design up as I go along. Planning schmlanning.


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