Last time we had a book made for children in Laos. This time I think we should buy a well for a village in Cambodia.

For $1500US we can have a well installed, to provide clean water to an entire village.

Whatever else we raise will go to donating gardens and beehives.

“We are not an “aid” organization… We are an empowerment organization. We “teach a person to fish”, but we go one step further: Each village uses a “pass-it-on” element of community service, so the village families not only help themselves, but help neighboring villages. The result is sustainability within the villages, and replication of the model as village families volunteer to help surrounding villages. The work is comprehensive: We empower the village families to create a sustainable quality of life, helping them acquire fresh water, irrigation, schools, agriculture, skills and income generation.

We employ ONLY native Cambodians as paid staff. ALL international officers, directors and consultants are volunteers who are unpaid. This allows us to keep our overhead and fundraising expenses under 3%, and funding from the founders pays more than this modest amount. So literally 100% of your funding goes into helping the rural village families. ”

There’s more info about Sustainable Cambodia here.

Edit: the donation of wells in Cambodia come with the option of a sign that is situated at the well site, that names the donor. Nah. I think we can live without that.