So, the Melbourne Fringe Festival launch was last night, and we all had a great time, drank the free champagne and didn’t disgrace ourselves.

I’m producing a few shows this year, as well as doing the first ever WTF Renaissance Melbourne exhibition, and running the Imperial.

There are some new acts on my list this year. Here they are

Alice Fraser – Savage

Adam Richard – #FGT

Ryan Coffey – Beat

Geraldine Hickey – Winner!

3 Little Gigs

This will be the 6th lineup for 3 Little Gigs. This year I’ve got Alex Ward, Jonno Mastrippolito, and Kim Lisle.

Tickets are on sale now for all these shows. The WTF Renaissance exhibition is free, and will be showing at the Lithuanian Club in the bar. It’s funnier with booze. There will also be merchandise. I’m currently taking suggestions on what people would like in regards to merch. Tea towels and magnets seem to be the most popular so far. I’m excited about doing an exhibit in Melbourne for the first time!

I’m also in full venue dressing mode for Melbourne Fringe as well. This year, I’m going all out. Spring theme. It’s going to look BEAUTIFUL.