Romance Was Born AND Lazy Oaf have both got totes on sale. ON SALE.

Romance Was Born have got great, crazy patterns going on, and Lazy Oaf have the cartoons and captions. One of my favourite things is this Lazy Oaf Garfield tote. If anyone knows where I can get a new one (sold out everywhere from what I can see) let me know. Mine is looking a little worse for wear.


Here are some Romance Was Born ones on sale now. The top one is my favourite. It’s down from $190 to $95.

Del Eye Tote B Tote Bag Black Flower F

Here are some Lazy Oaf classics. The chicken shop one is excellent and only 3 pound!

dontotebag_01_pleasedonttalktometotebag 5cc79119-60ca-4ffb-9e65-31753a0689a2

There you go. Put all your shit in a bag.