A couple of years ago, I went to Laos where I learned about a charity called Big Brother Mouse. These guys produce and distribute books to some of the most disadvantaged kids in Laos. Quite often these kids will never have seen a book in Lao before (they are often in English). Some of these kids have never seen a book before at all. Not being able to read has devastating effects anywhere. In Laos those effects include not being able to read land mine warning signs.

Now, some charities in Laos focus on teaching English. Learning to read English is great, but it’s pretty damn important to know how to read your own language first, and that’s where Big Brother Mouse come in. They create new books, or translate from foreign languages, and publish them in Laos (and a smaller amount in French). They then go on “book parties” where they distribute these books, for free, to the kids who need them.

But, they can’t do that for free.

For 3550 Australian Dollars, we can have The Wind In The Willows translated to Lao, published and distributed to kids who have never seen a book before. There is a list of books that Big Brother Mouse need funded, and as one of the most expensive, The Wind In The Willows has been on that list for a while. Lots of their cheaper, more frequently funded books are for little kids. Lets make sure they have something to read when they get a bit older.

If you can donate anything at all, please do. I visited Big Brother Mouse in Vientiane and Luang Prabang, and saw how hard these people work and what they can do with not much money. Lets help them out.