So, here is a little collection of WTF Renaissance press so far.   We’ve been busy.
“This Twitter Account Hilariously Captions Old Paintings And It’s Brilliant” – Buzzfeed

“parody masterpieces” – Huffington Post

“This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!” – Neatorama

“Cheeky, clever, and absurd” – Artnet

“the funniest captions you can possibly imagine” – Bustle

“true comedy genius” – Metro

“bound to make you laugh.” The Untapped Source

“If you admire the soft sfumato of 15th century painting as much as you do the terse humor of Twitter, @WtfRenaissance is about to become your best friend.” – Omaha Sun Times

@WtfRenaissance exposes humanity’s deepest, darkest #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS in a series of captioned photos that blur the line between hilarious and too-close-to-home” – Complex

Interview with History Mine