Tickets are on sale for Sydney Fringe, and I’ve just been perusing the guide. There are some shit hot shows appearing at the Fringe this year, and here is my list of (very biased, as is tradition) picks of the fest.

Bart Freebairn – Double Happiness

(Disclaimer: Bart is my friend, flatmate and I’m producing this show for two festivals next year)

Bart is one of the best people you’ll ever meet, and that is completely reflected in his comedy. His mind is a rainbow wonderland. Bart performed Double Happiness at the Imperial during MICF this year, and had a great run. If you have the opportunity to see this show and choose not to, don’t tell me because I will think less of you.

This image alone gives me Double Happiness
This image alone gives me Double Happiness

Victoria Healy – Hello
(Disclaimer: Vic’s my comedy BFF and she’s done 3 festivals at the Imperial)

This is the best show Vic has ever written, and it’s just getting better. On a personal note, Victoria has undying patience when it comes to listening to my problems (with men) and workshopping my dumb ideas (what about a new room at 1am on a Friday morning in a carpark?). That alone deserves some ticket sales.

Hello Vic!
Hello Vic!

CJ Delling – Reality Bandit
(Disclaimer: CJ is a friend and came and did spots at my MICF showcase this year, 5 For 5 At 5)

CJ is bloody lovely. She did some cracker spots at 5 For 5 this year, which were much appreciated. Her show is appearing at the Den, as is Vic’s. This is her 3rd solo show, and I can’t wait to see it.


I ❀ Green Guide Letters
(Disclaimer: I produce this show)

Steele always puts together a great list of guests for these live shows, and this one is no exception. Just go and see it. You’ll love it.


Steele Saunders – Bitter Sweet
(Disclaimer: I’m producing this as well. Steele once told me I was “pretty good”. He was drunk. Still counts)

Steele is a bloody great comic. This is a brand new show, and will be its first performances so get along so you can say you saw it first.


Fancy Boy Variety Show

(Disclaimer: another one of mine)

Fancy Boy are coming to Sydney off the back of a shitload of sold out shows at MICF, and winning the Golden Gibbo award. New show. Just as fucked as ever.

No refunds
No refunds

Alex Wasiel – Tiny Memories

(Disclaimer: I met Alex at Adelaide Fringe this year. She’s a champion. I hope she comes and does my rooms in Melbourne super soon)

Alex is such a lovely performer, she’s so funny and has amazing stage presence. I missed her show in Adelaide, and I’m really looking forward to her new one for Sydney

Corey White – Life is Like Lego
(Disclaimer: Corey’s a mate. I’d buy him a beer)

Corey is smashing gigs all around Melbourne at the moment. One of the smartest comics around at the moment. This is his debut show. It’s going to be A+.


Go see these 8 shows and report back. Book early so we can all stop having little heart attacks. Lovely!