Thanks to all of you that responded to my cry for help and completed my survey.

I am slightly concerned about the 24% of you who said you didn’t want to see a picture of a boston terrier wearing a bowtie, but it was a good insight.

Thanks to your help, I have a very exciting new project cooking. The excellent Maggie Looke and I will be making an announcement soon about our new room. We’ve looked at all your responses, and put together something I think you’ll all enjoy A LOT! It’s a big project and I’m super excited. I’m really glad that our venue has been able to give us exactly what we wanted, which in turn was what you wanted!

If anyone ever has any feedback on my rooms or shows etc, you can send me a message through the contact page on this site.


Now, it occurs to me that perhaps some of you were keen on the idea of a boston terrier, just not one wearing a bow tie so here is one sans neckwear.