Tomorrow is the final night for Comedy Fight Club at the Wilde on Gertrude Street.

It was started by Neil Sinclair, with a little bit of assistance from myself, in October last year. It’s now co-run with Simon Cumming.

The first lineup was Tegan Higginbotham (who was also at the first Saint Roch Presents), Jimmy James Eaton and Lawrence Mooney (MC) plus 6 open mic spots.

Tomorrow night’s lineup rivals that one with Neil Sinclair, Hannah Gadsby and Justin Hamilton (MC). It’s sad to see such a solid room be put to bed, but Neil is moving back to Europe.

Most of the stuff I did for this room was before it started, or for the first show, and I haven’t been in a while but it’s got a great reputation and the lineups are have always excellent. I even flyered for the first show. ME. Flyering. On purpose.

I’ll be there. Come along and say hello.