So the Fiona news is pretty exciting, but it’s definitely not the only thing going on at the moment.

Sometime during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, I must have tricked Steele Saunders into thinking I know what I’m doing as he’s asked me to produce both his solo Fringe show and I ❤ Green Guide Letters.

I love working on stand-up festival shows, but it’s really fun to work on things that are a bit different like live podcasts. I ❤ Green Guide Letters is very established, with a strong brand so in that respect it’s more like working with The Big HOO-HAA.

I Love Green Guide Letters is a comedic review of the letters to The Melbourne Age’s Thursday Green Guide Television & Radio lift-out… at least that’s what it’s meant to be.

If you haven’t listened to I ❤ Green Guide Letters before, I’m not sure what’s wrong with you but it’s definitely something.